Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poem #3 - Damn Dirty Clock

Damn Clock

Tick tok, tick tock
Shut up you stupid clock!
Oh no, it's as I fear,
A few more hours I must stay here.
What the hell's your problem man,
I'm doing everything I can.
Can't you see the clock goes quick.
Watching it spin it makes makes me sick.
Yet when there's nothing to be done,
It stops moving, that's no fun.
It's doing in purposely, I tell you, I swear!
About my sanity, that clock doesn't care.
Tick tack, tick tack,
It keeps moving, there's no turning back.
I just want to smash it and throw it away,
But without it you'd never know the time of day.
From its perch on the wall people glance and then turn.
Whatever it does people want it to burn.
For it to behave differntly, they continue to yearn.
But there's nothing they can do about the damn dirty clock.

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