Friday, April 24, 2009

Poem #4 - That's Hot

That's Hot

Oh my god that's totally hot.
Shake your booty for all you've got.
Work it girl you've got the skills,
That give all the boys the chills.

Get that shirt it's so low cut.
Don't sweat when they call you a slut.
You do the best with what you're given.
To be so sexy you are driven.

Hike the skirt up, show more leg.
For your body the boys must beg.
Slather the makeup on, don't show your face.
It's how you get their hearts to race.

The boys what they think, it's all you care about.
When you walk by they whistle and shout.
They look at you wanting only one thing.
You're so happy you could practically sing.

The way you move it's just a lure.
Your thoughts are very hard from pure.
Like what else could totally matter,
Except whether or not you're getting fatter.

What's wrong with this you ask me now?
Anything else you don't know how.
Your mom can't tell you where or when.
You're grown up now, you're already ten.

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