Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poem # 6 - The Cries of Kids

The Cries of Kids

The whiney wail of wilful kids,
The bash and crash of pans,
Hitting spoons against their lids.
Thundering footstepts to and fro.
They scream and shout ‘till I shriek “NO!”

My head is pounding painfully,
While my pulse goes fast.
Why did I think watching 4 year olds would be peace at last?
They blast the music loud
Little feat bop to the beat.
They speak even louder.
I could be wrong, I think they’re proud.

Like a ping pong match, they’re running forward and back.
They getting pumped up.
Ready to pounce, on the attack.
Hitting everything hard, a new pastime is made.
They’re having a blast, like a ragtag music brigade.

What can cause them to stop,
All this banging and crashing?
I don’t want to give banshee like kids a good thrashing.

Then it hits me as the continue to cry.
It had to work, I’d give it a try.
“Who wants ice cream?” I ask with a grin.
After a few screams and shouts there is silence,
Blissful, peaceful, wonderful silence.
Finally, I win.

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