Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poem #9 - The Boxing Match

The Boxing Match

He enters the boxing ring trembling with fear
The crowd cheers loudly, egging him on.
After eons of waiting, his opponent is here.
It’s a big burly guy who is ugly and loud.
He knows who it is; the guy’s the world champ.
The guy’s moving forward, with cheers from the crowd.
While our hero moves back, fearing attack.
For he knows this big guy who might as well have a knife.
It’s a tough female dog that people call Life.

Life circles and circles, taunting our guy.
Should he feign left? Punch right?
Life will go on teasing him into the night.
Until without warning, Life starts the fight!
Our hero’s beat up.
He’s about taken one punch too many.
He looks round and round for a way to beat Life.
Too bad that he doesn’t find any.

Does he give up? No way, not a chance.
He’ll never let dumb old Life win.
Without turning back, he gives Life a smack.
That’ll be sure to show him.
That’s how it goes, his battle with Life.
It can last 85 rounds or more.
He gets in a few hits, never calling it quits,
And then Life has him down on the floor.
He struggles and gets up, for it’s never done.
The ref won’t get to one, so Life hasn’t won.

They’re tired now, both Life and our guy.
To win the match, they’ll both continue to try.
Their fighting is equal, it goes forward and back.
Each attack matched by a counter attack.
It’s a fight neither can win, but that’s okay too.
Sometimes Life’s got the upper hand.
Other times Life is so beat up it can’t stand
No matter how hard fought, our hero’s not blue.
Life can never win against him or you.

When the boxing is over, it’s not cause it’s done.
He and Life called a truce,
It was all in good fun.
In the boxing match with Life, he was still number one.

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