Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poem # 10 - My Zaidi

My Zaidi

My Zaidi is a young boy, 39 is what he told me.
Though I think the real age is just seventy.
I always stay with him when to Montreal I go.
He lets me look at all his things except for his porno.
He really likes his IPod with more than 1000 songs so far
Though I’m not really sure if he knows just what they are.
He lived in Poland long ago, he learned Polish first.
He uses it nowadays mostly just to curse.
He’s a very gracious host, caters to me, you know.
Though after every visit, he tells me what I owe.
I help him with his Blackberry and laptop which is fine.
I do it just because he’s nice, and he bought me mine.
I like to braid his arm hair, because he’s really hairy.
When it comes to trimming his eyebrows, though
I think I should be wary.
He takes candy from that special drawer, for a little snack,
Throws me some and calls me his little paskudniak.
Now we’re all here at this really great party.
Though if you ask my Zaidi, he’ll say no one invited me.
He was a really great furrier who started a business too.
Though he also likes to relax at home doing what he wants to do.
When he was a young man, they say he looked like James Dean.
He was the biggest rebel, though he was never mean.
When he was in school, he was hardly ever there.
When he showed up in one class, a teacher said ‘who the hell are you?’
And that is true, I swear.
Though he lives in Montreal, he calls most everyday.
His favourite grandson Checkers loves it when he comes to stay.
He has 6 granddaughters, two dog grandsons, always in his heart.
How he retains his funny nature that is sure an art.
He also love his wife, my bubby, who he calls a babe even now,
He sure looks good for 70, he should tell me how.
Happy birthday Zaidi, you’re not old at all.
Along with health, happiness, and more parties like this,
Here’s my present to you.
Sorry it’s so small.

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