Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poem #12 - Attention Span

Attention Span

Nowhere to go, nothing to do,
Hey look, there's a bird that flew!
What was I saying? I kind of forget.
I'll figure it out so please don't you fret.

Something about a date or a time.
Hey isn't it cool when I start to rhyme?
Must get to work, there's things to complete.
Yet as I think I move to no beat.

Can't stay on one single topic for long,
Until I start humming some random song.
The more to do, the less gets done.
Being productive is really no fun.

A whole lot is better then working all night.
How about baseball, or flying a kite?
So many chores they pile to the sky.
Just thinking about them make me want to cry.

Thinking of an idea, then I start to stare.
My mind starts to wander, I don't really care.
Unrelated things through run through my mind
Look at all the cool knicknacks I find,

Cant read a whole book, or watch a whole show.
There's so many more interesting things that I know.
I love pretty colours and shiny things.
Like teddy bears and gold coloured rings.

So many things I do not on the plan.
We all know it's because of my short attention span.

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