Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poem # 13- Calm


Bright sunny day, or babbling brook.
Curled up reading in my favourite nook.
When things get so hectic that I want to scream,
I pause and think of my favourite dream.
The ideal state that I want to be.
I am calm.

My blood starts to bubble, I cannot sit still.
I start to worry if she won't or she will.
Worries abundant, I'm losing control.
Unnatural stress is taking its toll.
Then I think of my happy place.
I am calm.

Sunshine, puppies, rainbows too.
It's what I think of with nothing to do.
Without occupation, my mind starts to race.
My heart starts to beat at a break neck pace.
Then I remember to breathe and it all goes away.
I am calm.

The familiar room and familiar sounds,
The joy of friends making the rounds,
It doesn't take much for me to chill out.
I get worked up for nothing, over simplest doubt.
My muscles all relax instantaneously.
I am calm.


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