Friday, May 1, 2009

Poem #11 - Get Ready to Dance

Get Ready to Dance

The lights pulse blindingly,
The music beats excitingly
The alcohol flows freely,
Get ready to dance.

You feel the beat within you
It's clear what you must do
Let's just skip the food,
You know it's time to dance.

Familiar music fills the dance floor.
You start to move wanting more.
You're getting hyper, now's your chance.
You've been waiting for the dance.

One, two, three, the drinks that you've had
That lovely buzz it makes you glad.
You love the lights, bask in their glare,
Dance like there's nobody there.

You don't get tired, it's too fun.
You won't stop till you're good and done.
You know this song you start to sing,
It's loud, it makes you ears ring.

The night blurs on at an exciting pace.
Each new songs makes your heart race.
You wish you could do this every day,
But tonight is your night out to play.

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