Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poem # 15 - It Can't Be Forced

It Can't be Forced

Creativity must come from inside,
Even if it's in a place where it's forced to hide.
Whenever it's Forced it comes out wrong.
To help it come naturally listen to a song.

If that doesn't work, well that's too bad.
If you can't produce, don't let it make you sad.
If it doesn't work, try another day.
Go have a life, go outside and play.

The hardest thing is to have a deadline,
Because when you don't feel like writing it should be fine.
Your heart should decide when you do or you don't.
When other things go on you know that you won't.

Of course discipline's part of writing too.
It's pretty hard to do what you know you must do.
So you give yourself certain words per week.
To meet this goal is what you seek.

I intended to write a poem per 24 hours,
Unfortunately that task was beyond my powers.
I wanted these poems the best they could be.
So I missed a day, why don't you sue me?

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